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The Dormition Church Greek School was established in Somerville in the early 20th century, when the Church first opened its doors in 1916.  The Program has been providing exceptional learning in Greek language and culture ever since.   

Through the years, the Dormition Church Greek School has provided an academic Greek education to thousands of students from Kindergarten through 6th Grade.  The purpose of the Dormition Church Greek School is for every child to learn the Greek language, history, and culture:

  • To learn to love Greece and the Greek people. 

  • To feel proud of his/her origins. 

  • To learn about what Greece has offered to the wider world (democracy, philosophy, theater, rhetoric, etc.).  

  • When our children finish the Dormition Church Greek School, the goal is that they will have embraced Hellenism in their hearts.


From the first Dormition Church Greek School teacher and parish priest, the +Rev. Fr. Konstantinos Kacoyanis (of blessed memory) through to the present-day teachers, every Dormition Church Greek School teacher has all brought their love of Greek language and culture to fruition by the sharing of their knowledge with the youth of our community.  The strong programs of the past decades that educated so many students have now been enhanced to bring the current curriculum into the new digital age.
The Dormition Church Greek School Program is an exceptionally strong and multifaceted learning program, and it scaffolds the learning of the Greek language with teaching of the Orthodox faith, Hellenic culture, and Greek traditional dances, songs, games, music, and theater.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more about this truly exceptional program! 

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Christos Kazilas

Director & Teacher

Christos Kazilas was born in Athens in 1981. He studied at Rizarios Ecclesiastical School and at the Department of Theology of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He got his Master's Degree from the Department of Social Theology at the same University. After he served in the Greek Army he worked as a researcher in several scientific programs of the Research Organization of the University of Athens. Also, he was a member of the faculty in Rizarios Ecclesiastical School and in other public schools in Athens. He worked in Stamoulis Publication in the Department for the University Books. In 2013 he founded the Ixadin Editions, a small publishing house that specializes in chanting books. He was a permanent member of Choir Maistores of Psaltic Art for 19 years and he participated in many concerts in Greece and in Europe. He currently serves the Greek Orthodox parish of St. Catherine’s Braintree, MA, and teaches in many Greek Schools in the Greater Boston area. He lives in Boston, MA. He is married and he has 3 children.

Panagis Samolis


Panagis Samolis was born in Ogden Utah in 1995. His family moved to Athens, Greece in 2001 where he was raised and attended school leading up to high school graduation. He attended Boston University in 2013 to major in Electrical Engineering. He graduated in 2017 and is currently working towards his PhD degree at the same university. His academic interests include biological applications and photonic research. He currently practices his Orthodox faith at the Dormition of the Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church in Somerville MA, attending as a parishioner, serving at the choir and altar and joining young adult ministries. His interests include Orthodox theology, Byzantine music, Greek history and culture. He currently lives in Somerville MA.

Maria Tsabazi


Maria Tsabazi was born in Greece, where she was actively involved in running the Young Adult Ministry of Saint George’s Parish in Zographou, Attica. 


Anna Dirmishi


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