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You have joined us in Faith, now please join us in Fellowship.  On Sundays after the Divine Liturgy concludes, our community offers a coffee hour to all of our parishioners and visitors.  

All are very welcome to join us in fellowship in our newly renovated social hall.  For those who have fasted before receiving Holy Communion, this is an opportunity for refreshment, nourishment, and breaking the fast.  And all are welcome to our weekly coffee hour fellowship, to see old friends and to make new ones.  Whether you would like a cup of coffee, a bagel, or a home baked Greek treat made by our community members, the Dormition Church’s coffee hour welcomes you.  

If you have any questions about the Orthodox Faith or about the Dormition Church, please feel free to ask Fr. Anthony, members of the Parish Council, or anyone at the Coffee Hour – we are here to serve you in Faith and Fellowship.  

If you would like to host or to sponsor a Coffee Hour for the benefit of our church community, please contact the office at 617.615.2222.

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