Parishioner of the Year 2022


Mr. Anargyros James Sparages (Narge) 2022

Anargyros James Sparages (Ανάργυρος Δημητρίου Σπαράγγης, Narge) has been a life-long member of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary Church in Somerville, MA from the time he was brought there to be baptized his parents James and Dimitra. Narge married his lovely wife Margaret Mary Holland there in 2005. Growing up in the church, he attended Greek School and Sunday School, was a member of GOYA and the basketball team, and helped at the annual festivals.  He taught Sunday School for several years, was the church organist for over a decade, served on the Parish Council for four years and as Treasurer for three of those years. For the church’s 100th anniversary, he served on the Fundraising Ministry and as the Editor in Chief for the 100th Anniversary Album. Narge has served on the Strategic Planning Committee, and is serving on the Stewardship and Finance Committees. He also leads the Reconciliation Committee and the Thriving Congregations Initiative for the parish.  Narge and Margy are humbled and grateful for the recognition, as Narge could not have served the church without Margy’s support.