Altar Servers - Acolytes


The mission of the Altar Servers Ministry is to develop teams of support to assist the clergy before, during, and after liturgical and sacramental services. In performing these duties the servers will be demonstrating their stewardship commitment with their time and talents. Participating in this ministry will enrich ones spiritual awareness and provide a deeper understanding of the Church’s rich traditions. While the ministry has a focus of bringing in male youth the ministry has a need for older men as well.

Any young man 8 years of age or older may serve as an altar boy. A necessary prerequisite is enrollment in our Church School. This experience provides a boy with a closer acquaintance with our tradition of liturgical worship, as well as with fellowship with other young men with whom he serves. Altar boys are assigned to regular teams, and are expected to serve according to the schedule which is provided.

Parents are asked to encourage their sons to be faithful in meeting this responsibility. The team captain will help new boys to be properly fitted in robes, and will offer necessary training, orientation and support.

If you would like to become an altar boy or have any questions regarding serving your church, please call or e-mail Fr. Anthony.

Phone 617-625-2222