Sunday School

Dear Sunday School Families,

We are excited to be starting a new year and want to keep communication between teachers and families a high priority.  If you have any questions or concerns please speak with either Father or me right away.  We are striving to make this a productive and positive year for all.  I am asking that parents and teachers work together, we are the first examples for our children and we have to be the best examples.  

Sunday School will start promptly at 10am with the Divine Liturgy.   All children should sit in the front rows with their classes.   We ask that children not be given food in church especially if they will be receiving Holy Communion.  We also ask that children not be given any electronics in church.  Participating in the Liturgy is part of their lesson and so it is important that they experience the Liturgy with all of their senses.   The children will go to their classes after Communion and will be released at 12:00.  If you have to release your child before noon on  a particular Sunday please try to let their teacher know before so this can be done without disturbing the class.   As in their daily school we are asking that children be dressed appropriately, no spaghetti straps on tops, dresses/skirts no shorter than three finger lengths above the knee,  no shorts or jeans.  

We plan to email updates at the beginning of each month including special events, Sundays the children will be staying in church for the entire Liturgy, etc.  

If you would like to help we would appreciate it very much.  We are all volunteers and we all have busy lives but again we are all examples to our children and what better example than to teach our children our faith and love of God.

Sunday School classes will be starting on September 17th.  Please feel free to contact me at or 781-727-6896.  

Eleni Raschi

Sunday School Administrative Director

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What if I can't attend all the meetings?

A - That's OK, come as often as you can and keep yourself up to date by visiting this 100th site often.

Q - How do I contact you?

A - Scroll down to the bottom of the page and send an email. You'll hear from us asap.

Q - How can I make a donation?

A - Wonderful! Please scroll to the bottom of this page to send an email or call the Church.  We'd love to talk to you about this opportunity.

Q - I have a great idea. How do I pass it on to the Committee?

A - Can't wait to hear it! Scroll down to the bottom of the page - call or email us!