As we prepare for the year ahead, we are mindful of the importance of moving forward from the previous year. There was much to celebrate last year, and we applaud the hard work of teachers and the successes of students on so many fronts. We are excited to begin the school year and share our lessons and instruction with our students. This year, our Greek school Omiros is going to welcome new and existing students with new ideas, new lessons and new programs.

Level I

classes will have a playful way of learning the alphabet, both upper and lower case letters and the sounds that each letter makes. Learning simple words as Greetings Hello, good morning, yes, no, please, thank you. During fun activities students will learn the Days of the week, Seasons, colors, flowers, animals, body parts, songs, little prayers and shapes. Kids will have opportunities to do Arts and Crafts for Holidays and special occasions. Fun art projects that are related to the lesson will take place during the school year. Board games, games, Musical chairs, Show and tell, and much, much more! Audio-Visual from DVDs and CDs.

Level II

Students will have the opportunity from the beginning of the year to refresh their knowledge. Special activities will be provided by the teacher in order to review their knowledge from previous years and engage the students into new contexts.

During the year students will learn vowels and consonants, basic grammar, articles, verbs, correct formation of sentences and spelling. Days of the week, seasons, I like/I don’t like, vocabulary related to the parts of the house, body parts, family members. Students will also be able to answer the question “what time is it?” Also food, colors, numbers up to 100 by ones and up to 1000 by hundreds are going to be taught. Students will learn Greek songs and prayers. Additionally, kids will learn more about each celebration, the Greek flag and Geography of Greece.  Since Mythology is childrens' favorite subject, our students will have the opportunity to learn about the 12 Gods of Olympus, the Trojan War, Jason and the Argonauts, Hercules and much more. Games will be held during class and Audio-Visual DVDs about the class lesson of the day.

Level III

Students are going to be studying more detailed history and mythology of Ancient Greece. They will study Ancient Sparta, Ancient Athens, Alexander the Great, Byzantine History. The geography for these grades will also be more detailed. Lakes, mountains, Greek islands, borders and regions of Greece will be taught during the school year. The grammar will include nouns, adjectives and verbs. Theology will be another lesson for the students of these grades. The life of Jesus Christ, the life of the Virgin Mary, Lord’s prayer, creation of the world, Adam and Eve, tower of Babel, Noah’s Ark, Moses and the ten commandments, areas of the church, priest’s vestments, sacraments and the creed. In addition, students will be learning conjugation of nouns and adjectives, adverbs, verbs in active and passive voice, Modern Greek History. Advanced learning of Greek geography.  Audio-Visual DVDs for Greece through films: Culture, traditions, and much more!

Our Faith

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