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Dormition of the Virgin Mary Choir

 In 1934 Fr. Constantine Kacoyanis organized the parish’s young people into the first choir at Dormition Church.  An organ was purchased, a choir director and organist were engaged, and the youth raised their voices to chant the beautiful praise-filled hymns to God.  Choirs have been singing the Divine Liturgy at Dormition Church ever since.

The current adult choir is composed of men and women from the age of 16 and upward who have both a love of our Byzantine church music and a desire to serve their church.  They give generously of their time and talents to help enhance the Liturgy through the chanting of our beautiful hymns.  The choir sings the Divine Liturgy every Sunday from mid-September through mid-June, as well as special services for Christmas Eve, Holy Week and Easter, and other times as requested by the church.  Music is sung in both Greek and English. 

The Dormition Choir is an active member of the Metropolis of Boston Federation of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians.  Members take part in the Federations’s annual conferences, concerts, special services and annual workshops. 

The Choir Director is Evelyn Sophia Czaja.  Ms. Czaja holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in vocal music. She has conducted choirs in both Chicago and Boston, and has an extensive performance background. Ms. Czaja teaches voice and piano at her studio on the South Shore.

Anyone who loves our Orthodox faith and our Byzantine hymns is encouraged to join the choir.  Please contact Ms. Czaja through the church office: or during coffee hour after any Sunday Liturgy. She can speak with you and listen to you sing. Remember that if you desire this ministry, God will give you the graces for it and your director will teach you proper singing techniques.  Choir does take a time commitment to Sunday liturgies and weekly rehearsals but the rewards are far reaching, and as one of the great saints of the church stated, "Singing is praying twice."


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