On the Way to 2016

  Last January I was appointed Chair of the 100th Anniversary Committee.  This report is to inform you, to give you an update, as to how the first months have gone.  Back then, I met with the Executive Board of the Parish Council to outline my plans for the first year.  Days later I spoke at this General Assembly to express my honor as Chair, and to ask for your ideas and help, because I believe this should be a whole Community effort.  Due to snowstorms, the 100th Committee met in March for the first time.  Our ground rules were established, I developed a 100th website, our news showed up on Facebook, emails telling people about us went out to family and friends, and we began to think about ideas for events and functions.

In April, we began work on our Mission Statement, which continued on for two months until completion.  It was put on our website for all to see.  Diane Karavities became our Treasurer, Sophia Carafotes our Publicity Chair, and Helen Gogolos our Corresponding Secretary.  We began to talk about a logo for the 100th Anniversary, which would take the next five months before being voted on.  The first donations started to come in to our Treasury.

May brought our first fundraiser, the Plant and Flower Sale, which was successul for us, and a Logo Contest, where we asked the Community for help.  A list of possible future events was generated and the idea of hosting the November 23 and 24, 2013 Axion Estin weekend was introduced.

June began our more intense work of preparing for the arrival of the Axion Estin icon, and since then in July, August, September and October, we have been hard at work planning and fundraising.  Father has met with Metropolitan Methodios, and the 100th Committee began informing the public with flyers and posters at the Festival, and advertising on Grecian Echoes.  Researching caterers and making decisions for all aspects of the November 23, 24 weekend took up most of our meeting time throughout these months.

We are looking to fill one last position - that of Editor of the 100th Anniversary Album - and ask you all to spread the word so that someone will step forward to fill this position.  We have laid the groundwork and have people ready to work on the Album Committee.  All we need is a Chairman, or two co-Chairs to take charge.

Now to our plans for the Axion Estin Celebration weekend.  This is what we have in place.  On Saturday, November 23 there will be a Vesper service led by Metropolitan Methodios, Father Konstantinos, and many other priests.  The Greek Consul General, Mayor of Somerville, former clergy of our Church, and other dignitaries will be invited.  We expect around 400 people.  After the service there will be catered receptions in the lower and upper halls. The evening is planned to be an elegant one.

The next day, Sunday, after Liturgy there will be another reception, again catered with the same kind of set up.  There will be a Commemorative Booklet distributed in Greek and English both days.  Each parishioner and visitor will receive a small version of the Axion Estin icon.

Some of you have donated to the Icon.  We also need sponsors for the Celebraton weekend.  Please become a sponsor.  We have opportunities for $5,000 donors, $2,500 donors, $1,000 donors and so on.  No donation is too small.

Other than our Church's Consecration and our upcoming 100th Anniversary in 2016, this will be the third biggest event in our Church's history.  Won't you be a part of this historic milestone? Please see Diane Karavitis to make your donation.  Thank you.

Our Faith

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What if I can't attend all the meetings?

A - That's OK, come as often as you can and keep yourself up to date by visiting this 100th site often.

Q - How do I contact you?

A - Scroll down to the bottom of the page and send an email. You'll hear from us asap.

Q - How can I make a donation?

A - Wonderful! Please scroll to the bottom of this page to send an email or call the Church.  We'd love to talk to you about this opportunity.

Q - I have a great idea. How do I pass it on to the Committee?

A - Can't wait to hear it! Scroll down to the bottom of the page - call or email us!